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Letís Talk

Have you ever had a question you were too afraid to ask? Has something been bothering your, but you didnít know how to express your feelings? The Letís Talk Program, which provides comment boxes throughout campus, can help. Students and employees simply write their questions or problems on the Letís Talk brochure, and an appropriate staff person will answer their comment CONFIDENTIALLY.

For example, recently, a new student expressed anxiety about starting school and making friends. The student writes:

I have a question concerning the best way to get involved with school-related social activities. This will be my first year attending CCC, and I donít know where to start. I was wondering what someone elseís opinion might be as to getting on the right track. I am referring to social activities during school as well as dating.

Upon receiving the letter from the Letís Talk coordinator, a staff psychologist from the Counseling Center wrote this reply to the student:

To be shy and alone, even in a crowd, is one of the most painful experiences. As a matter of fact, many students, both returning and new, feel just as you do and donít know quite what to do. Perhaps I should list a few suggestions.

  1. Find a club or organization that you like. Focus on the activity; the social relationships will flow from there.
  2. Attend campus events even as a solo person. You never know whom you might meet.
  3. Form a study group in one or more of your classes. Studying together is a good way to get to know other students.
  4. You are invided to make an appointment at the Counseling Center to talk to one of the counselors. There are groups also in the Center which may be just for you. Good Luck.

Anonymity is assured, because all questions are retyped and assigned a code. The Letís Talk Coordinator is the only person who has your name and address in order to mail your reply.

Judy Snyder, Affirmative Action Officer, states that the Letís Talk Boxes