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   It takes a special person to become a Court Appointed Special Advocate.  It's not your average person who will spend hours with a child on a Sunday afternoon or call the Jr. High to get a look at a child's school records.  Your average person wouldn't accompany a child to court, plan several home visits, or write an efficient court report.  Yet, CASA volunteers are ordinary people--ordinary people with the extraordinary gift of giving.  
   Even more extraordinary is the way many CASA volunteers give of their time, expecting nothing in return.  But how do the children and parents really feel about their CASA advocates?
   We have gathered some comments from the children we serve.  These comments were taken from the program evaluations given to all CASA children upon exiting the program.  Here are just a few.

   "It is good to have that male friend there in my life.  For my dad was not there, and not long ago he got killed, so my CASA has been there for me and I'm lucky to have him.  He is a young, white guy and I am a ten-year old black boy.  But you would think that we are two green people for how we have gotten along.  My grandma says he's a blessing and a Godsend."
  "I think it was good for me to have a big sister to talk to and someone to feel comfortable with."


  "It was pretty neat for me. Can it continue?  Please, Please, Please! 

   Besides some very thankful children stand some very thankful parents.  Here are a few comments. 

   "I could not have asked for a better or more caring person for my child.  She was more than a CASA worker.  She was like a mother and a very best friend."

   "I think the influence that the CASA had on my child was very helpful and will stay with her and me for the rest of our lives".

  "It shows him that there are people out there who care about him, plus it gives him the opportunity of seeing and visiting different places that he might not have been accustomed to".

  "My feelings are that someone out there cares.   That's all it takes is for someone to care, just one."

   "I hope CASA continues to do what they do best for kids all over for many years to come."

By Carol Neuberger